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With a focus that goes beyond sales targets, we have a distinguished panel of experts who constantly push the boundaries of excellence and innovation.


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The Indian economy is experiencing rapid growth, with the real estate industry playing a crucial role in the nation's progress.

RealOne International (ROI) is a leading Proptech platform in the real estate sector, offering comprehensive 360-degree services. It enables smooth transactions between real estate developers and end customers. Dedicated to transparency, ROI's Growth Acceleration Services leverage an advanced digital infrastructure and an extensive People Training and Grooming program, providing clients with real-time reporting features.

We take pride in our status as result-oriented real estate experts, emphasizing sustained growth over mere numerical achievements. Our success is defined not by sales metrics alone, but also by the lasting value we create. With our top management team consisting of seven distinguished members boasting a combined experience of over 100 years, along with a track record of transactions worth over 10,000 crores, involvement in more than 125,000 transactions, successful delivery of over 300 projects, and partnerships with over 150 developers worldwide, we are positioned to lead the industry. Our proven expertise is dedicated to helping you realize your real estate goals.

Now as a team of unified 7 under the ROI umbrella, we are committed to expanding our global presence through innovative processes and technology investments. Our vision is for ROI to be recognized as the premier multinational real estate platform, and we are wholly dedicated to achieving this goal. At ROI, our aim is to be aligned in vision and purpose, not just in words but in actions.


The Pioneers of Strength,
Guidance, and Accomplishment

Peter Sharp

Peter Sharp | Sydney, Melbourne, Mumbai
Global CEO & Co-founder

Peter has had a long career in retail and commercial real estate, having served as President, Business Development ASIA & Walmart ASIA Realty looking after all aspects of Real Estate, New Business Planning and Mergers & Acquisitions for the Company based out of the ASIA Regional Hong Kong Office, Japan and China.

In addition to line management roles, he has served on the Boards of Walmart subsidiary companies in Japan, China and India and was formerly the President of Taubman ASIA from 2016 to 2019.

Peter played an important role in Walmart becoming a Multi-billion dollar company in Asia and he also laid the foundation of India's business which acquired Flipkart India.

Ananya Chatterjee | Mumbai

Ananya Chatterjee | Mumbai
India CEO & Co-founder

Ananya is an accomplished Real Estate professional with over two decades of experience in Mumbai and Dubai.

Her success is attributed to her expertise, dedication, and passion for both people and processes. She stands out due to her artistic flair, which aids in creative campaigns and problem-solving. Ananya's diverse skill set spans brand positioning, sales, marketing, and her background in various industries enriches her holistic approach.

She excels in training and team building, fostering collaborative environments, and has a vast network in the Mumbai Real Estate sector. Ananya's track record includes overseeing significant transactions, highlighting her effectiveness in managing large projects. Overall, she's a seasoned professional with a unique blend of skills that contribute to her consistent success.

Amulay Prakash

Amulay Prakash
Chief Technology Officer

Amulay, a visionary in Software Product Engineering, is poised to breathe new life into real estate through technology and innovation. With two decades of experience, he brings fresh insights and a potent blend of leadership and tech expertise.

Amulay's entrepreneurial spirit has steered software companies to success, and now, he envisions a technological renaissance in real estate. His mastery of cutting-edge technologies, from Microsoft-centric to open-source and mobile, mirrors the transformative potential in this sector.

Rooted in mathematics and computer science, Amulay's technical prowess converges with real estate, promising efficiency and transparency. His vision extends to tokenization, democratizing ownership and revolutionizing transactions.

Janhvi Pradhan Deshmukh
Chief Legal Officer

Janhvi is an accomplished law professional with an impressive 17-year track record in the legal and compliance field, spanning diverse industries. With a passion for startups and a strong appetite for learning and acquiring new skills, Janhvi's career has been marked by her dedication to honing her expertise in various verticals.

Her extensive experience covers a wide range of industries including Media, E-Distribution, Retail, Aviation, Realty, Pharma, Manufacturing, E-commerce, and FMCG. This exposure has enabled Janhvi to undertake a multitude of assignments encompassing Business and Corporate Laws, Funding Advisory, Contractual obligations, Due Diligence, and Legal Negotiation.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Janhvi is actively engaged in ethical and professional organizations. She serves as a member of the Ethics Committee for the Madhavbaug Institute of Preventive Cardiology and is also associated with the Foundation of Data Protection Professionals of India. This highlights her commitment to fostering ethical practices and contributing to the professional community.

Bhavya Bagrecha
Board Member – Finance

With two decades of experience in Private Equity & Investment Management, Bhavya's expertise are in Business Strategy, Finance, Corporate Governance, Corporate Taxation and compliance. He has previously worked as an Investment Professional leading a Private Equity fund's investment of US$ 580 Mn approx. into (40+) projects within India across different real estate asset classes.

He has hands-on investment experience of investing Domestic and Offshore funds across all verticals of Real Estate both at under construction and fully completed stages.

Board Member and Mentor

S B Prasad has been at the helm of the Petroleum Downstream Sector for more than 35 years having held leadership positions with various Oil Companies worldwide. With strategic Real Estate planning, he has handled large-scale expansion of Retail Network for oil majors like BP, Reliance, Essar, Caltex, Conoil, MRS Oil and Gas and Sahara to name a few.

He has worked extensively in the start-up sector and developed more than 2000 new fuel stations at multi locations, involving land acquisition of thousands of acres. The successful development of an Indian brand - ESSAR fuel stations, in the UK, has been a high point in his cherished career.

Rakesh Kumar
Board Member - Strategy & Planning

An accomplished professional with an illustrious career spanning 25 years, Rakesh Kumar has held pivotal roles in global companies such as Shell, Walmart, Jio, Exide Battery, and Reliance Petroleum.

An eminent authority in Real Estate having facilitated over 100,000 transactions, his profound grasp of project execution intricacies and governmental policies are the key to providing holistic solutions to clients.


Aishick Hazra

Aishick Hazra
Consultant Partner- Brand & Communication

Aishick, a Master of Design graduate from IDC, IIT - Bombay, and a design engineer from IIT Powai, embarked on a remarkable journey towards realizing his entrepreneurial dreams in 2001. This visionary individual brought to life "Thoughtrains," a specialized identity design and communications agency that has since established itself as a paragon of innovation and creativity. Thoughtrains has grown to become a beacon of progressive design, gaining widespread recognition for its distinctive approach.

Over the years, Thoughtrains has garnered an impressive clientele, counting among its patrons some of the most prominent names in the realty, retail, and hospitality industries. Aishick's expertise and dedication have propelled the agency to the forefront of its field. With a strong foundation in design and engineering, he has not only created a thriving business but also left an indelible mark on the world of branding and communication.

Amita Manek

Amita Manek
Consultant Partner- Brand & Communication

Amita Manek is a multi-faceted professional with a diverse career path. Starting as a practicing homeopath, she embarked on a unique journey in 1989 when she ventured into providing marketing and communications solutions to the real estate industry. This bold move not only demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit but also established her as a pioneering woman in the field.

In 2002, Amita Manek joined forces with Aishick to co-found Thoughtrains, a company focused on marketing and communications. Since then, she has been a driving force behind the company's consistent growth and success. Her leadership has been instrumental in shaping Thoughtrains into a prominent player in the industry.

Amita's ability to navigate uncharted territory, coupled with her dedication and innovative thinking, has undoubtedly contributed to her remarkable journey from homeopathy to becoming a respected managing director in the world of marketing and communications. Her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals alike.



  • Understanding business model
  • Understanding client requirement
  • Competitive analysis
  • Sector/ Industry dynamics & trends
  • Government policy and rules
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Identifying client base
  • Understanding market demand
  • Identify target audience
  • Analyze market research
  • Pitch to potential channel partners
  • Push the client products
  • Promote business in the local market on field
  • Cost analysis and advisory
  • Marketing strategy
  • Sales strategy
  • Identify Channel Partners
  • Transaction management planning
  • Plan to action
  • Set measurable goals
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ET Now
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ET Now
Real Estate Award

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ROI Culture

At ROI, we believe in having a healthy work environment where employees can thrive instead of struggle.

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