About us

Creating Waves With Trust
And Transparency,
We Are RealOne International

The Indian economy is experiencing rapid growth, with the real estate industry playing a crucial role in the nation's progress.
As result-oriented experts in real estate, we take pride in our commitment to sustainable growth. Our success is not merely measured by sales figures, but by the equity we build. With over a 100 years of collective experience and proven expertise, we strive for excellence.

We’re here to help you unlock your real estate potential.

  • Handled 10,000+ crores of transaction
  • Experience of 1,25,000+ transactions
  • Delivered 300+ projects
  • Partnered 150+ developers
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Innovation and Growth:
Built Upon the Foundation
of Technology

Take a closer look at our CRM processes, which are executed with total transparency.

Centralizing customer data for a comprehensive view of client preferences

Enhancing operational efficiency by automating routine tasks and workflows

Facilitating lead tracking to help identify and prioritize potential opportunities

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India And Australia


Genuine Individuals, Meaningful Milestones,
Authentic Experiences